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Hi, I'm Samara.

My natural ability to connect with people and my strong entrepreneurial spirit led me to start my first business in college and is what carried over to my uniquely-created career in social work.

Mental Health, Entrepreneurship and Brand Savvy Personal Development

I grew up in Los Angeles steeped in sunshine and entrepreneurship. The nurturing Black women in business who surrounded me from a young age truly shaped me into the entrepreneur I am today. 

Here's a more thorough look at how I got here...

1995: I graduated from the REAL H-U: The one and only Hampton University. I got my Bachelor of Science in Psychology. Hampton is where I started my first business as a hairstylist. Black women know that hair is spiritual. Behind the chair, I helped clients journey towards radical self acceptance. I wasn't yet a mental health professional, but I was on my way. 

1998: I got my Master’s in Social Work at the University of Maryland.

2005: I opened The Stone Foundation, a group practice that provides counseling services to the Baltimore area community. Our work led to media appearances, continuing education offerings as well as collaborative partnerships and even my work in higher education as a professor. 

1999-2003: I worked at Progressive Life Center, a D.C. based non-profit organization dedicated to mental health. We focused on holistic perspectives, community building, and the Black perspective. As a young professional, I was provided all the opportunities and support I needed to blossom. I spoke on my first national stage, and learned the intricacies of business rooted in purpose.

2018: I started offering branding clarity for mental health entrepreneurs to define their niche and position themselves as experts, beyond the couch in speaking, coaching, and consultation. The crash course on client experience and branding during my college business days, were now a huge piece of why my clients are successful.

What’s Next?

2013:  I created Perfected Practice Coaching System™ which was designed to teach mental health entrepreneurs how to run a successful group practice. From there, I created a program called Practice Pros to assist mental health professionals in launching their private practices from the zero to 5k a month mark in 6 months or less.

One of the things that I saw that was missing when we were doing that work with Perfected Practice was the branding piece.

2023: It'll be 10 years that we've been serving mental health entrepreneurs and teaching them how to build businesses for themselves. 

I help them become free from working for agencies they don’t like or seeing clients they don't want to work with. I help them find the right clients, build the right business and create a vibe that helps them thrive personally and professionally.

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